Abstract. Ischemic stroke initiates a cascade of biochemical reactions, among which the processes of free radical oxidation occupy a key place. The most important place in management this disease takes reperfusion therapy, the conduct of which is closely related to the problem of neuroprotection. Use of antioxidants is a promising direction for the treatment of ischemic stroke. They have antioxidant effects and could prevent free radical processes. Edaravone is a new low molecular weight free radical scavenger, which inhibits the ischemic cascade. The article provides an overview of studies on the effectiveness and safety of edaravone in patients with ischemic stroke.

Keywords: edaravone; ischemia of brain; ischemic cascade; neuroprotection

Authors: L. A. Dzyak, O. S. Tsurkalenko, V. M. Suk

Posted: Infusion & Chemotherapy № 2, 2019