Non-motor symptoms are an obligate sign of motor neuron disease and can often serve as a rather sensitive indicator of the general functional state of ALS patients. Gastrointestinal disorders, weight loss, pain, sweating and anxiety prevail in the structure of non-motor symptoms in ALS patients

The presence of non-motor symptoms in patients indicates the multisystemic nature of this fatal disease. The use of Non-Motor Symptom Scale (NMS) in patients with ALS in the early stages will allow neurologists to detect non-motor symptoms timely.

Keywords: ALSFRS-R scale; edaravone; lateral amyotrophic sclerosis; motor neuron disease; non-motor symptoms; non-motor symptoms scale

Authors: V. V. KOSTENKO, Y. I. GOLOVCHENKOP. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy оf Postgraduate Education Kyiv

Posted: Ukrainian Neurological Journal 2020, №3