Japanese Guidelines for the Management of Stroke 2015 [2017].

Edaravone, a drug with an expected neuroprotective effect, recommended as a medicine for patients with cerebral ischemic stroke (thromboembolism) (grade B).

Authors: The Japan Stroke Society 2017

Posted: Міжнародний неврологічний журнал, №1 (103), 2019

Соchrane Database of Systematic Rewiews. Edaravone for acute ischaemic stroke

Edaravone is a neuroprotective agent, and several studies have suggested that it may be beneficial in acute ischaemic stroke. Objectives. To assess the efficacy and safety of edaravone for acute ischaemic stroke. Main results. Authors included three trials. All three included trials were of edaravone plus another treatment compared with the other treatment alone. The dose of […]

Authors: Feng S, Yang Q, Liu M, Li W, Yuan W, Zhang S, Wu B, Li J.

Posted: Соchrane Database of Systematic Rewiews, 2011.

Japanese experience in the treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke. Interview with Professor Yukito Shinohara

The Academy of Stroke, Annual Scientific and Educational Forum, traditionally dedicated to World Stroke Day was held in Kyiv October 31 – November 1, 2019. Yukito Shinohara, Professor Emeritus of Tokai University School of Medicine, former president of the Japan Stroke Society and the Asia Pacific Stroke Organization, Chairman of the Japanese Stroke Guidelines in […]

Authors: Nataliia Kuprinenko

Posted: International Neurological Journal №8 (110), 2019

The use of the drug Xavron (Edaravon) in the complex treatment of patients with ischemic stroke in combination with thrombolytic therapy

Resume. The article describes the experience of the early use of Xavron (Edaravon) in patients with ischemic stroke in combination with thrombolytic therapy (TLT). These studies indicate greater efficacy of using Edaravon in combination with TLT in the treatment of ischemic stroke. When using the drug Xavron side effects of the drug was not observed.

Authors: O.B. Leskiv, T.F. Khabaznia

Posted: THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE of B.M. Mankovskyi’ 2019, ТОМ 7, № 3-4

Usage of the new edaravone free radical scavenger (XAVRON) in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of use of the drug edaravone for treatment of patients with acute cerebral infarction comparing to citicoline. The results of the treatment of ischemic stroke by intravenous administration of edaravone (Xavron) and citicoline indicated a more pronounced elimination of neurological deficit in the group edaravone.

Authors: I.S. Cuckoo; A.O. Volosovets, A.I. Cuckoo and others

Posted: МЛ №1-2 (157-158) 2019

Perspective Treatment Goals for Brain Protection in Case of Acute Ischemia

Abstract. Ischemic stroke initiates a cascade of biochemical reactions, among which the processes of free radical oxidation occupy a key place. The most important place in management this disease takes reperfusion therapy, the conduct of which is closely related to the problem of neuroprotection. Use of antioxidants is a promising direction for the treatment of ischemic […]

Authors: L. A. Dzyak, O. S. Tsurkalenko, V. M. Suk

Posted: Infusion & Chemotherapy № 2, 2019

Brain protection in acute ischemia

From 15 to 16 million people suffer a stroke every year, of which 100-110 thousand are residents of Ukraine. This vascular desiase ranks first among causes of disability and is one of the leading causes of death. One third of patients die during the first year after stroke, one out of four becomes disabled with […]

Authors: Dziak L.A., Chemer N.M., Khubetova I.V

Posted: Medical newspaper “Health of Ukraine. Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy”, No 3 (50), October 2019

First experience of using Xavron, a free radical scavenger, in patients with acute ischemic stroke

Abstract. Background. In acute ischemic stroke (AIS), more than 1,000 substances with known neuroprotective effects have been studied, but their effectiveness is considered insufficiently convincing. In 2018, Ukraine launched the release of a new free radical scavenger Xavron (active ingredient — edaravone), which since 2001 has been successfully prescribed in Japan for the treatment of AIS and […]

Authors: Emergency medicine № 3 (98), 2019

Posted: Emergency medicine № 3 (98), 2019

Effect of a Novel Free Radical Scavenger, Edaravone (MCI-186), on Acute Brain Infarction

Edaravone, a novel free radical scavenger, demonstrates neuroprotective effects by inhibiting vascular endothelial cell injury and ameliorating neuronal damage in ischemic brain models. The present study was undertaken to verify its therapeutic efficacy following acute ischemic stroke. We performed a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study on acute ischemic stroke patients commencing within 72 h of […]

Authors: Eiichi Otomo

Posted: Cerebrovasc Dis 2003

When stroke

Медикаменти для лікування підбирають в залежності від типу інсульту та стану пацієнта під час надходження до лікарні. У схемах використовують таблетки, уколи та крапельниці. Починати лікування слід якомога раніше. Оптимальний термін – перші години з моменту появи симптомів. Препарати, які застосовуються, можна розділити на три великі групи: Медикаменти для гострого періоду. Вони використовуються у перші […]

Acute ischemic stroke: revealing the maximum possibilities of pharmacotherapy

Materials of the XXI International Scientific and Practical Conference “Interdisciplinary Issues in Modern Neurology”, April 22-24, Truskavets, Ukraine. Much attention was paid during the event to the problematic aspects of managing patients with acute ischemic stroke. Within the framework of intensive therapy in cardioneurology a separate scientific symposium discussed the possibilities of modern pharmacotherapy for acute […]

Authors: Chemer N.M., Darii V.I., Oros M.M.

Posted: Medical newspaper "Health of Ukraine", № 12 (457), 2019